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Heroic Moveset

Posted in Gaming on August 22, 2010 by C J Spear

With the Beta moving along nicely, and the Warrior talents looking more and more complete, I thought I’d have a talk about the 3 new abilities that were announced a while back, and what I hope they’ll be before we actually see them implemented (and in action in proper content).

A lot of people have been complaining about Inner Rage, and how they think its a terrible idea, but I’m still confident it will end up being pretty useful, for both tanking and DPS. Continue beyond the cut to find out why.



Lore Guide – Books

Posted in Gaming on August 12, 2010 by C J Spear

Warcraft lore isn’t the easiest thing to get into. Blizzard did a fantastic job of creating an MMO that had interesting stories all over the world, but the problem is that there are so many out there, its really hard to know where to begin.

The Warcraft novels are a great place to learn a lot about famous lore figures, and events that took place, but even they are written in a seemingly random order, and its hard to know just from reading titles and blurbs where books come in the Warcraft timeline. As someone who has read all of them, however, I feel it is my duty to help people step into the lore in the best possible way, so they can avoid the confusion that I often had. Continue reading below to enjoy my full list of Warcraft novels, in order that you should read them. I might even throw in a review or two. I know, I spoil you.


Wrath Retrospective – Bosses Part 2

Posted in Gaming on August 11, 2010 by C J Spear

Continuing on from my Retrospective about bosses, here’s my list for my favourite 5 bosses in Wrath. The list wasn’t an easy choice for me, as there are a lot of good fights in Wrath raids, but I think my final list showcases the bosses where I had the most fun.

Despite that, I think its worth giving an honorable mention to some fights that almost made the list, but just missed out. Professor Putricide was an awesome fight, as it had some cool mechanics and a great ramp up in difficulty, Thaddius was a fight that was just plain fun to tank when getting thrown across the room, and Algalon is a short but nail-biting encounter that got your heart pounding on every attempt. As good as they all are, lets get onto the top 5…


Wrath Retrospective – Bosses

Posted in Gaming on August 11, 2010 by C J Spear

In a continuing series, I’m going to be reviewing as many aspects of Wrath of the Lich King as possible, both positive and negative, and in this post I’ll be discussing boss fights. Rather than review every single raid boss, or the feel of the raids in general (which will probably be in a different post) I’m going to list my top and bottom 5 bosses of the expansion, and why they served their place in the list.

This post is part 1, where I will be listing my 5 least favourite bosses in the expansion. Keep reading to see my full list, and why raiding in Wrath wasn’t always a good time.


Why bother with Applications?

Posted in Gaming on August 10, 2010 by C J Spear

When I’m recruiting in game, I often get whispers from people about if they can join without having to make an application. While most of the time I just think to myself “If you can’t be bothered to write a short App, you’re not going to be bothered to do things like turn up to raids, GTFO” there is the odd occasion where completely reasonable people are looking for a guild, but don’t like the idea of making an App, because they play the game for fun and don’t want to feel like they’re applying for a job.

While I understand why they feel that way, I always explain why we require applications, and how I can’t make exceptions because it wouldn’t be fair to others. Some times the person is stubborn and decides not to bother, and other times they see my point and will actually go make an app, at which point they see how little questions we asked and don’t feel too bothered.

While I don’t really mind when someone who doesn’t like making apps decides not to join (I’ve been guild leading for over a year, its their loss, not mine) I do often feel that a lot of people, even those that are happy to make apps for guilds, don’t really understand why they have to do it, and just assume its the norm for good guilds and just put up with it. There is, however, a lot of very simple reasons why better guilds ask for Apps, and in the hope of educating and not having to repeat myself constantly, below is a list of reasons why guilds ask for apps.