Why bother with Applications?

When I’m recruiting in game, I often get whispers from people about if they can join without having to make an application. While most of the time I just think to myself “If you can’t be bothered to write a short App, you’re not going to be bothered to do things like turn up to raids, GTFO” there is the odd occasion where completely reasonable people are looking for a guild, but don’t like the idea of making an App, because they play the game for fun and don’t want to feel like they’re applying for a job.

While I understand why they feel that way, I always explain why we require applications, and how I can’t make exceptions because it wouldn’t be fair to others. Some times the person is stubborn and decides not to bother, and other times they see my point and will actually go make an app, at which point they see how little questions we asked and don’t feel too bothered.

While I don’t really mind when someone who doesn’t like making apps decides not to join (I’ve been guild leading for over a year, its their loss, not mine) I do often feel that a lot of people, even those that are happy to make apps for guilds, don’t really understand why they have to do it, and just assume its the norm for good guilds and just put up with it. There is, however, a lot of very simple reasons why better guilds ask for Apps, and in the hope of educating and not having to repeat myself constantly, below is a list of reasons why guilds ask for apps.

1. It weeds out most people who don’t take raiding seriously. While I don’t expect people to think of WoW as a job, any good raider will tell you that there’s a baseline amount of work you need to put in to be able to raid competently. You need to understand how to play your class, what type of gear you need, and learn tactics for boss fights, in order to be successful. Someone that refuses to make a short application is likely someone who hasn’t bothered to learn how to play.

2. It makes officers lives a 1000 times easier. If we didn’t have an app system, every single person that wanted to apply would have to be talked to for a decent amount of time in game in order to work out if they’re a good fit, rather than just writing out all the questions in an app once. You may think that certain questions are unnecessary, but the fact is that you can’t just join any guild and expect to fit in. If you want to join a guild, you need to be able to fit the raiding times/days, be able to use Ventrilo and be reasonably geared or you simply won’t be able to raid.

On top of that, guilds want to know your past experience with raiding, and whether they’ll be getting someone who will step into raids and perform, or someone who will need to be taught how to raid. By asking all this in whispers, its likely that we’ll forget one or two questions each time, and it’s time spent that we could be doing other things (contrary to popular belief, guild officers do have lives).

3. It allows officers to talk between themselves. Having an app on a site means that more than one officer gets to see your answers to the questions, and we can then talk about whether we agree that the app is good, and point out any potential problems that another officer may have missed.

4. It saves A LOT of time. This goes for both the guild and the applicant. By talking in game, the officer has to keep thinking of which questions to ask, and this is horribly difficult if you’re in the middle of something. By making an app on a site, you can then go about doing whatever you want, without having to wait for a response, and the officers can read what you’ve written when they feel like it, not when you whisper them when they’re in the middle of a BG.

5. It gets potential members to see the website. While a lot of my applicants don’t go back to the site much once they’ve been accepted, the guild site is full of info that someone applying would need to know. Rather than having to stand around asking an officer about what times they raid and what their progression is, you can read it all in an easy to find place on the website. On some guild sites (like ours) you can even check out the forums to see how active members are and if there is a lot of talk going on about guild issues, so you know how much effort the guild puts in.

5 simple yet undeniable reasons that apps just make sense. Remember that officers put in a lot more time than you in order to raid (by doing all the work to set up a guild, build a roster of good players, getting people to turn up night after night, sorting out issues, dealing with loot, deciding where to raid etc.) and so when we see an app that you’ve done as quickly as possible, its likely we’ll decline because we can see you don’t want to put effort in, which is an insult to us. A good app won’t even take a long time to do, but by writing in full sentences, answering all questions and using easy to read English you’ll show that you want to be a member of a guild where everyone tries.

Raids are a team. Raids succeed when all of the members put in effort. If you don’t want to put in effort, then you don’t want to raid.

/end rant



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