Heroic Moveset

With the Beta moving along nicely, and the Warrior talents looking more and more complete, I thought I’d have a talk about the 3 new abilities that were announced a while back, and what I hope they’ll be before we actually see them implemented (and in action in proper content).

A lot of people have been complaining about Inner Rage, and how they think its a terrible idea, but I’m still confident it will end up being pretty useful, for both tanking and DPS. Continue beyond the cut to find out why.

Inner Rage

Essentially this move is being put in place for those times when we hit max rage, and can’t spend it fast enough. Unlike energy users, who get their resource back at fixed times, rage flows more randomly. This is partly due to the fact that our melee hits generate rage, and crits can suddenly give us more, or misses can suddenly give us less, and partly because we also gain rage from taking damage.

When tanking a boss that hits very hard, or DPSing while taking heavy AOE damage, we gain rage faster than we can spend it. The bar will go to 100, and before we can hit a move to spend it, we gain more. The problem is that once at 100 rage, any extra we gain is wasted – we don’t get it back once we dip back below max. Inner rage is designed to avoid that, by placing a damage buff on us when we reach 100 that makes our abilities cost more for a short time.

Ideally, this will mean that we’ll never waste any rage. When we’re at a point that rage is flowing a lot, we’ll be benefiting from it because of the damage buff and not loosing the rage we’re getting. Most of the complaints have been about how the damage buff isn’t enough (15% atm) compared with the increase in rage cost (50% atm) and that it might leave us rage starved.

The devs have stated that we really won’t know if thats true until we see it on a raid boss, and that they don’t want to make the damage buff too high or everyone will just wait until 100 rage before attacking. Its a fair point, and I’m not worried about the rage cost being too high. The idea of putting a cap on it, so that once you have the buff, it goes away if you drop to 30 rage is probably a good idea though, just to make sure you don’t get the buff and end up not being able to hit anything for ages.

Gushing Wound

When the move was first announced, everyone seemed to think it was really mediocre except me. Perhaps it was because I suck at PvP and the idea of putting a debuff on someone that got worse as they jumped around me in circles (because you’re not good at PvP unless you jump while you do it) made me laugh maniacally.

Seriously though, I love the idea of the move. Its a DOT that when first applied deals less damage than Rend, but stacks up to 3 times. How does it stack? When the target moves, and staying still is the only way to remove it. The main reason this was implemented is probably because warrior DPS suffers quite a bit on heavy movement fights. When the target keeps moving away from us, our melee attacks keep stopping, which means we generate less rage and can therefore hit our special moves less. By having a DoT that you can place on a target, and know that it will always be up at full stacks, you can worry less about your DPS, as no matter what happens you’ll have a steady stream of damage.

The move will definately be great for PvP though. I can imagine duels where your opponent beats you on low health, and runs off only to die to their DoT because they didn’t notice it being refreshed. Some people may also notice the DoT mid-fight and stop moving to combat it, which is also great because warriors love stationary targets. Hopefully the high stack damage will be reasonable, so I can enjoy it in action.

Heroic Leap

This is the real move that all warriors are excited about, and rightfully so. Warriors have always been the most mobile of melee, and having an extra charge that leaps through the air and thunderclaps is gonna be awesome. That said, how cool this move will be really depends on how it works.

For those of you that didn’t know, Heroic Leap was a warrior move in the Wrath beta, but it had some bugs. Clicking it sent your character forward from his place, rather than requiring a target to select, which was and still is a good idea, however wherever you jumped you didn’t take fall damage. Obviously people had a lot of fun with this by doing things like jumping off of Dala and surviving the fall. Rather than try and figure a solution to this, the move was scrapped and instead Blizzard focused on getting the trees to work better (which was a good idea, the prot tree ended up great when compared to BC).

They obviously liked the idea however, so now we’re gonna be getting another shot at it. While the previous bug is obviously something they’ll want to avoid, I still really hope they stick with the not needing a target method. While that hope is partly because I wanna be able to leap across cities everytime its off cooldown, I also think that requiring a target will just make the move charge with a different animation. As prot, I already have 2 charges, and I really don’t need another one.

What I hope they do is make selecting where you jump like an AOE effect, where you’re given a green circle to place on the floor. Things like jumping without fall damage should be avoidable that way, and it will give us the flexibility to point it in areas without first having to find a target. PvP springs to mind, as I hate selecting a target that then runs out of line of sight before I can hit charge. It would also be great for tanking, if a bunch of adds are spawning up ahead but out of charge distance (in an instance like Violet Hold) you could leap to get close and then charge them, or place the circle on a spot where adds are going to spawn and hit it as soon as they appear, rather than targetting and then charging.

Only time will tell, but I’m still really looking forward to seeing all these moves in action. While I’m not in the beta, I’m intending to listen to those who are about how the moves work, and maybe talk on the forums about ways I’d like to see them.

/end rant


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