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Allow me to deviate from my usual WoW-based rants for a moment, dear readers, as I think a post every now and then about things not concerning WoW may actually be worth a read (shocker, I know). I want to write this post for several reasons, and while the main one may be I still have a category with no posts in it and I felt like I should do something about it, I’ve had a lot of other random things on my mind as of late and I normally find that writing them down simplifies them. By writing them here, you’ll have something to occupy yourself for 5 minutes while you’re bored at work/home/school/life etc.

Some of you that know me well may have noticed my first topic already, but I buckled to pressure and made a Facebook page. Its not that I hate social networking per se – it can be a really useful tool for a lot of people – I always just felt it wasn’t necessary for someone like me who has a small group of friends and doesn’t need an online database to keep track of everything. That, and the fact that having a facebook page actually puts you in the majority, and bucking the trend every now and then kind of feels nice. The fact is, Facebook is a huge corporation, and one of the largest money makers in business today (it makes the bulk of that from advertisement, think about it the next time you click on a link when on facebook), and by being a part of it, you’re not exactly presenting yourself as unique.

Alas, when moving to a new area and meeting a lot of new people, you don’t want to be unique, and if I want to make friends keeping to my principles would hinder me a fair amount. I can no longer listen to Rage Against The Machine without feeling a traitor – /sadface. Now that I’m on it though it has made me think. I really hate socialising with people I don’t know, or don’t know very well. It makes me feel uneasy, and its one of the many reasons I fell in love with WoW – it lets you talk to loads of different people without being the arkward thing it is in real life. After some inspection though, I suppose Facebook is the same thing. You can talk to people when you feel like it rather than having to think of things to say when being in a room with them, and I’m really all about that. I don’t like going out drinking like all of my new roomates because I don’t like spending time with people I hardly know, and therefore having nothing to talk about with. It doesn’t help that I still think most alcohol tastes like piss and all bars and clubs play bad music really loudly, but its mostly the social thing. I can put up with bad drinks and bad music if I can talk with people that I actually have something to say to.

So I’ll put up with Facebook for now. I might even end up liking using it, but I don’t think I’d ever admit that. Still, there’s been a thought nagging at the back of my mind since I joined it, but it doesn’t really have anything to do with Facebook really. I love writing, but quite often I find it hard to express my exact thoughts in words, so this may sound odd but here goes anyway – has anyone else noticed that being cool stopped being cool? It sounds stupid, but think about it. It used to be that being the rebel made you cool. You didn’t abide by authority, you bucked the trend, did what you wanted and people loved you for it. Now, if you don’t fit the social stereotype (for my age group at least) people just mark you as a weirdo and avoid you at all costs.

A good example would be today when I was walking from halls to the uni campus – there’s a crossing on a main road that everyone needs to use, so loads of people hang around handing out leaflets for bars and clubs. I normally do quite well at avoiding them, or at least just taking a leaflet and moving on, but you get the occasional person who wants to give you loads of info about their bar, and today a girl walked right up to me so I had to stop and asked ‘hey mate, where you drinking tonight?’ Now, as I stated above I don’t like going out drinking, because it feels arkward to me, but I was busy and I couldn’t be bothered to try and explain that to someone who obviously didn’t care, so I had two options. The first was to say ‘I dunno’, and get the full rant of info from her about why I should choose her bar that I really didn’t want to hear, and try and drag myself away from her, and the second was to just say ‘oh I don’t drink’. What with me being completely socially inept, and hating talking to people I don’t know, I went with option 2 to get away quickly, and after I said it she looked at me like I’d just spat in her face, and just continued to stare at me as I walked off.

Now, clearly she was a rude bitch, but that aside, its what anyone doing the same thing and getting that response would have thought – what a weirdo. Bringing you back to my point (yes, there is a point to all this) its such a sheep thing to be one of the people that goes drinking – everyone does it and its just so… predictable. Being a rebel and doing what you wanted a while ago would have made people impressed of you for being that independent, but now people just hate you for it. The ‘coolest’ people are the ones who do exactly what their social stereotype expects of them, and thats just so depressing. I never expected to be liked because of my differences, but to be hated and shunned because of them is something I just don’t get. Ah well, in time I’m sure I’ll find some people who think similar to me (the uni has 30,000 students, I can’t be the only nerd here surely?) and then when we hang out and walk over to the Uni and someone stops to ask us ‘where you heading tonight lads?’ we can retort with a rather epic ‘Grim Batol to kill some internet dragons, yeah you heard, FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU’.

Makes me long to be somewhere where nerds are the majority – not being accepted for not being that into comic books would be something I could understand 😛

On a lighter note to end this mish mash of randomness, I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately since I can’t use Vent, and while I hate to sound like a douchy fan boy, there isn’t a single song on Only by the Night by Kings of Leon that I don’t absolutely love. If you’re into pretty much any music you can enjoy it – its half way between pop and rock, and its gritty enough to be liked by people into rock but upbeat enough to dance to. If you’ve heard some songs but weren’t that blown away, I’ll suggest listening to Manhattan, which has become one of my all time favourite songs. I stumbled across the first release of their new album earlier, and while I thought they couldn’t top OBTN, they will if all the songs are as good as this one:

Radioactive by Kings of Leon –

OK thats enough for me tonight, I hope my stray into the lands of the real world didn’t scare you too much. If it did, don’t fear, my next post will be about Turalyon and Alleria, and my theories as to where they’ve been all this time, and when we might come across them in WoW. I’ll leave you today with a simple thought – if your level of normality directly corresponds with your intelligence, and it was someone normal who today forced an entire building to wake up to a fire alarm at 7 o’clock in the morning because they put 2 slices of bread in a toaster and set fire to it – I want to be weird. (Yes that really happened today, and the fire alarm is really loud. FML)

/end rant


4 Responses to “Off Topic”

  1. Baldro(The Death Knight) Says:

    erm… all i have to say told her..and hell yea!! LETS KILL INTERNET DRAGONS!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but yea..iv had the same thing with people in my year..oh drink drink drink drink i dont mind people that drink drink drink drink ..but dont show off because you one of those people that wants to do well and have a bit of a laugh along the way and might go out few times..but not EVERYDAY!

  2. Darth Roydz Says:

    I see your plight…In my experience when asked a question like ” where are you drinking tonight ? ” I would say “The bar you are promoting is where im going” and i would carry on walking. This will skip you past all the info BS and you can then carry on thinking about Piply. As we all know Piply is the scariest Internet Dragon we have all come across.

    But alas if you dont find your internet nerds just watch Big Bang Theory and all is well again.

  3. Yes I feel I am the most HARD CORE internet dragon, more hard core than that Deathwing pussy

  4. Xanti the lvl 101 mage Says:

    I know exactly how u feel. I have made it my way of life to be true to myself and dont give a f… about what others may think or do 🙂

    … and I have a thing about salespeople calling me on the phone when I’m at work. Not a day passes without someone wanting to sell something.. my reply is always the same … and it works too…

    ” We dont use [thingy] at my company goodbye”

    … have a nice day 🙂

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