So where are Turalyon and Alleria?

I’ll start off by saying that the following article talks about 2 of the main characters from the books Tides of Darkness and Beyond the Dark Portal. If you are intending to read them and don’t want to be spoiled, I’d suggest to stop reading now, but for the rest of you, those that have read the books, and those of you who really don’t care, read on for some speculations based on anything but fact. This is the internet after all.

Turalyon and Alleria were 2 of the main party that travelled to Outland after the second war, as part of the group known as ‘The Sons of Lothar’. With them were Khadgar, Kurdran Wildhammer and Danath Trollbane among others, and at the end of Beyond the Dark Portal they were stranded on Outland. When Burning Crusade was announced as the first expansion, Blizzard stated that all of the Sons of Lothar could be found, and while Trollbane, Wildhammer and Khadgar all had their places in the various zones, Turalyon and Alleria were nowhere to be found. Read on below for my theories on when we’ll finally catch up with them.

In order to work out where they might be, we first to have to predict why Blizzard stated at first that we’d see them in BC, and then never did. Blizzards original intention for the BC expansion was for us to take the fight to the Burning Legion. The idea was we wouldn’t just go to Outland, but loads of different worlds taking down demons. However, as time constraints worked their magic, Blizzard decided to just stay on Outland and concentrate on the conflicts within, namely Illidan and Kael’thas. While we had the odd move here and there back to Azeroth (Karazhan, Isle of Quel’Danas etc.) Blizzard didn’t want to create a huge amount of new zones, and instead saved the ideas for a later date. The remnants of the original idea can be seen throughout Outland, as random portals are spread out amongst the zones, which we knew about from the end of the Beyond the Dark Portal book. One other remnant that Blizzard probably should have removed, however, was a half-elf wondering around Honor Hold looking for his parents. If you follow him as he talks to NPC’s, we find out he’s the son of Turalyon and Alleria, but he has no idea where his parents are.

As this is something that you come across pretty much upon entering Outland, it was clear that this story was supposed to be followed up as the story progressed, and its my theory that Blizzard had a huge story planned for this, but because they didn’t want to rush it, they saved it for later. So, I here you all asking, where the hell did they both go, and why did they leave their son behind?

In the Tides of Darkness, Turalyon has a revelation. After watching his army being butchered by the orcs, he struggles to wonder how something as holy as the light could allow such grievous acts to occur. But then it comes to him – the orcs aren’t from Azeroth. All of Azeroth is guarded by the ancient power of the light, which all Paladins draw their strength from, but it doesn’t guard the orcs. The orcs have come from a desolate place to steal a world much more fertile than their own, and thats why they must be stopped. They are not beings of the light – they are evil. Turalyons revelation gave him incredible new power, to wield the light like no other could and to fight for his people with an unending justice. Where there was evil, he would travel to it and vanquish it.

But of course, once he was stuck on Outland, he would have begun to investigate just what the orcs did to their world to corrupt it so badly, and why they were so bloodthirsty. And it stands to reason that he would have found the answer – the burning legion. When we go to outland now, we see a world which was turned upside down by Ner’Zhuls crazed attempt at survival, but we see it 10 years after people have been working on restoring it. Tons of portals would have been spread across the world to begin with, linking to worlds of different sorts, and its quite likely that a lot of these worlds would have been controlled by the burning legion. Imagine having dedicated your life to destroying evil, and then coming across a force of impossible magnitude that is evil incarnate. Planet after planet filled with evil, just waiting for the chance to destroy any peaceful world they could get their hands on. Turalyon would have been overwhelmed, unable to comprehend what could be done…

…until he met the Naaru. The Naaru are pure beings of light, made of the very thing that Turalyon devoted himself to. It seems highly likely to me that when the Naaru came to Outland, they were very interested in Turalyon. We know the Sons of Lothar met the Naaru because Khadgar is stood with A’lar in Shattrath, and while certain Naaru stayed to fight the burning legion and Illidan on outland, its entirely possible that the Naaru wanted this incredible champion of the light to fight somewhere else with them. Naaru are sworn enemies of the Burning Legion, and it seems likely that they’re fighting them on many planets (or at least one or two key planets), and I think given the chance Turalyon would have joined the Naaru to fight for good, and all that the light stands for. Obviously, Alleria would have gone with him, but they wouldn’t have wanted to take their child with them into a war zone, so they did the only thing they could – left him on Outland where he would be relatively safe.

Admittedly, it seems odd that no-one in Outland seems to know where they went, when they must have told at least whoever they left their child with what they were up to, but it’s possible that someone like Danath was told not to tell their son for fear of him seeking them out or something. Regardless, it seems likely that Blizzard have a plan to bring these characters back into the game at some point, and I’m expecting an expansion revolving mostly around wherever they went to. While its a bit early to start thinking about what the 4th expansion will be when Cataclysm isn’t even out yet, it’s interesting to speculate, and my bet is that it will be something most people haven’t thought of.

There was a lot of talk about the next expansion being something in the emerald nightmare, or below the maelstrom with Azshara, but now these both seem very unlikely. The emerald dream proved to be too difficult to use as a zone, as moonglade was going to be a portal to there for level 60 players before they gave up on the idea, and in the Stormrage novel we see the problem mostly resolved, with the underlying idea that an old god is around (and we already know there are lots of old gods around). While we have yet to see Azshara in Cataclysm (as far as I know), we do go under the water into a naga city, and I think its much more likely that Azshara will be a raid and some dungeons in a patch rather than a whole expansion. So whats left? Well, we already know that Blizzard had a lot of ideas for BC that never got implemented, and its been a while since we’ve fought anything from the Burning Legion, and after 2 expansions with no presence from them, its time to start fighting demons again.

I think the next expansion will be based around either; lots of different planets in the cosmos, fighting the Burning Legion alongside the Naaru, or the fighting will be done on just one planet – Argus. The homeworld of the Draenai seems like a very logical place for the bulk of the Burning Legion to reside, as although it existed before coming across the Eredar, it was their leaders (Archimonde and Kil’Jaedan) that made the legion so powerful. With Sargeras being stuck without a proper body at the moment, Kil’Jaedan is the acting leader of the Burning Legion, and it wouldn’t surprise me if for an expansion we received word from the Naaru that they need our help to take the legion down once and for all. And when we get there, we should bump into 2 familiar faces who have been fighting there already for years.

There are many other storylines Blizzard could choose to pursue of course, but the Burning Legion themed expansion seems most likely to me (and before anyone says anything, I know I wasn’t the first person to suggest Argus as a possible expansion). Of course, I could be entirely wrong and be proven a fool by Blizzard when they announce their new expansion, but my gut says it will be something along these lines. Even if it isn’t, I hope we get to see Turalyon and Alleria again soon, as Turalyon is probably my favourite lore character of WoW and is insanely badass. You know he’s hardcore when he doesn’t have a last name.

/end rant


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  1. Yup yup yup, totally agree. I loved reading the books with Turalyon and Alleria and was gutted i couldn’t find them anywhere in game. They are of course still alive….. well you would think…. such a big lore character wouldn’t just be killed off without it being stated in a book or in game…. surely….?

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