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Fury Post-Patch 4.0.1

Posted in Gaming on November 15, 2010 by C J Spear

I’ve finally been able to play with fury a lot over the past few weeks, and while its been more dungeons than raids, I think I’ve got the changes pretty much down. Before I start, I’ll mention that Arms is now fairly viable, albeit still lower on DPS. Ironically, the changes to fury have actually made it more interesting to play, which for me took away some of the appeal of Arms. While I tested it out a bit, and certain things are fun, I much prefer the more aggressive, rage fuelled feel of fury, and only using 1 two hander just feels weird to me now.

Once we get our new ability at level 81, Colossus Smash, Arms DPS should increase, though whether it will be able to meet the power of fury has yet to be seen. Regardless, I wont be playing Arms enough to give a decent overview of the spec, but I should be able to cover fury and whats changed since Wrath, so read on below to see my build and advice for rotation and what not.



Protection Post-Patch 4.0.1

Posted in Gaming on November 3, 2010 by C J Spear

First of all my apologies for how long its taken to get this post up, as I realise the patch has been up a couple of weeks now and everyone has probably worked out the changes for themselves anyway. However, I didn’t want to make a post with just my first impressions as I’d only end up getting things wrong, especially with fury as I don’t get a huge amount of time to play it.

That said, I’ve now had plenty of time to play through the changes, and below the cut I’ll talk about talent builds, rotations and gemming/gearing. And I’ll still probably get it wrong, but thats what I get for not spending much time with the evil geniuses over at elitistjerks. The post ended up being longer than I expected, so this one will focus on Prot and I’ll write one for Fury in a day or 2. Sorry for any avid DPSers, but tanks can read on for helpings of Prot Warrior goodness.