Fury Post-Patch 4.0.1

I’ve finally been able to play with fury a lot over the past few weeks, and while its been more dungeons than raids, I think I’ve got the changes pretty much down. Before I start, I’ll mention that Arms is now fairly viable, albeit still lower on DPS. Ironically, the changes to fury have actually made it more interesting to play, which for me took away some of the appeal of Arms. While I tested it out a bit, and certain things are fun, I much prefer the more aggressive, rage fuelled feel of fury, and only using 1 two hander just feels weird to me now.

Once we get our new ability at level 81, Colossus Smash, Arms DPS should increase, though whether it will be able to meet the power of fury has yet to be seen. Regardless, I wont be playing Arms enough to give a decent overview of the spec, but I should be able to cover fury and whats changed since Wrath, so read on below to see my build and advice for rotation and what not.

Fury’s feel is much the same now as it was prior to the patch, and if you liked the playstyle of it then, nothing should have changed. The biggest difference to how we play is the fix of the heroic strike bug, and the normalisation of rage, meaning that we now don’t have unlimited resources, and have to be careful when it comes to heroic strike usage. The other major change is the removal of Whirlwind from our single target rotation, which has been replaced with Raging Blow. While currently Raging Blow doesn’t hit all that hard, WW doesn’t either, and by 4.0.3 RB’s damage should be buffed, so you might as well get used to using it now.

Unlike WW, RB is only useable while enraged. While most of the time you won’t notice this, occasionally it won’t be lit up and in order to use it we need to find a way to make ourselves enraged. Both Berserker Rage and Death Wish can do this, so be sure to use them both pretty much when they come off cooldown. Obviously, as before, you’ll want to try and time Death Wish with other cooldowns like Recklessness, but its short cooldown means you can use it more often, so don’t just ignore it for the majority of fights. As we can glyph Berserker Rage to give us rage on use now, its worth hitting it everytime its off cooldown, unless you don’t need the enrage effect or rage, in which case save it. Just be sure to keep it off cooldown if you know you’ll need the immunity to fear during a fight.

Obviously you’ll also be hitting Battle Shout instead of Bloodrage for rage now, which is actually a nice change because it means we won’t ever let the buff run off. Because crits no longer generate more rage, you’ll pretty much always be in a state of wanting more, so get into the habit of hitting things for rage whenever you can. The other current change to the rotation is that Bloodthirst has a slightly shorter cooldown, meaning you can hit it pretty often. Prioritise only Raging Blow above it, and only hit heroic strike when BT is on cooldown. Slam currently hits like a wet noodle, so currently you can pretty much ignore it when it procs, especially because of how hard heroic strike hits, but the damage of it should be getting buffed soon, meaning you’ll probably want to hit it over BT or HS at level 85. Also be careful with your use of Heroic Strike – while it hits hard, RB and BT do more damage, and you don’t want to be out of rage when they come off cooldown. When it comes to AOE, just replace Heroic Strike with Cleave, and WW on every cooldown.

The spec I’m currently using is as follows:


I’m fairly certain that this will be the cookie cutter PvE build everywhere. At 85, I’ll be putting the last point in War Academy, 2 points in Field Dressing (just to get up a tier) and then 2 points in Deep Wounds. Unless Heroic Strike gets nerfed, 3 points in incite seems to be the way to go. Drums of War seems decent, but I think its really more of a PvP talent, as in raids we don’t have to interrupt that often. As far as the talents that I didn’t pick up:

Blood Craze, Die by the Sword, Piercing Howl and Furious Attacks are all PvP talents. If you’re fond of Furious Howl, which I personally never got any use out of, but I know is popular with some, I would suggest moving the point out of Heroic Fury for it. Pretty much everything else I’ve taken is mandatory, and although some talents like Skirmisher are a bit lackluster, there’s really no better place to put the points unless your also interested in PvP. If self healing becomes a big thing in Cata raids, which it may do, Blood Craze may be worth picking up instead of Skirmisher, but only time will tell if its worth it.

As far as Titans Grip against Single Minded Fury goes, this will pretty much be down to personal preference unless Blizz really screws up balance for 85, which is unlikely. Personally, I prefer the idea of duel-wielding two-handers, but if you like the idea of hitting for less but much faster, go for Single Minded Fury. The only notable difference should be that you’ll attack faster with SMF, but you’re melee attacks will provide less overall DPS.

The Prime and Minor glyphs are fairly obvious, as you can see in my build above, and as for Major, its mostly personal preference, although only about 4 of the glyphs are any good for fury. Feel free to swap in or out whatever sounds better, though I personally prefer the 3 I’ve chosen for dungeons and raids.

Obviously our stats were shaken up quite a bit with the removal of ArP, the removal of rage on crits, and the additon of Mastery to the field. The current priority seems to be Hit up to the hard cap of 27%. This is an incredibly large cap, but until that point hit seems to generate more DPS than any other stat, because if we don’t hit, we don’t generate rage. After that, you’ll want to go for Expertise til the cap (26, same as always), crit, and then Mastery, and finally haste. The idea of haste seems good to begin with, but the fact is, you get much more rage by hit rating than you do from haste, as all haste really does is make you miss faster. The difference between Crit and Mastery right now is arguable, as both seem to boost our DPS fairly evenly, and only time will tell which is better, but currently we can get so little Mastery on our gear you’re much better off going for Crit. Of course, still gem for Stength, as this is still our main DPS stat and we’ll want as much as it as possible. If you’re below the hit cap, its probably worth socketing blue slots with Strength + Hit gems, but otherwise gemming for hit seems unnecessary, especially as new gear with more hit on it might mean you have to regem your gear too often. Be sure to make use of the reforging system to grab extra hit when you need it – it can always be reversed, and its pretty cheap to do.

And thats everything I can think of that I need to cover of the changes. I hope the info was useful, and as always feel free to criticise in the comments if you notice mistakes – being corrected means I end up with more DPS.

/end rant


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