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Call to Arms

Posted in Gaming on April 25, 2011 by C J Spear

You may have missed the news, but in patch 4.1 Blizzard are implementing a system into the dungeon finder that will reward tanks and/or healers extra rewards for doing randoms anytime there aren’t enough of them queuing (read: always). The extra rewards come in the form of gold, flasks, and a small chance at non-combat pets and mounts, the latter being ones that can already drop in game in dungeons but are notoriously hard to get.

Now I don’t really like or dislike this system like other bloggers that I’ve been reading, but I do have some views on it in general (big shock) and I figure it might even be an interesting read, coming from the perspective of the exact person that they are trying to entice to use the dungeon finder more. Am I more likely to use the DF? Will the system be a smashing success? Will we ever find intelligent life in the universe? Find out answers to these questions and more, after the cut!

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One More Reason to Hate the Sparkle Pony

Posted in Gaming on April 8, 2011 by C J Spear

Most of you have probably seen that Blizzard are planning on releasing a new mount to their online store soon, the Winged Lion. This has come pretty much exactly one year since the Celestial Steed (or Sparkle Pony, as it shall be known for the rest of this article) was released, which seems to suggest that Blizzard are happy releasing a new mount per year. Now, there are plenty of arguments out there for whether the mounts are worth the money or not, and I’m not going to go into them today, as I think its a decision that each person should make for themselves.

However, I do believe that the strategy Blizzard are using when it comes to the online store is harmful to the game and the player base, even if it does make them the most money. Follow me after the cut as I analyse why it would be better for us if Blizzard changed their strategy, and why at the moment I wouldn’t buy any new mount that they bring out, regardless of how cool it looks.

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Why I was Disappointed with Uldum

Posted in Gaming on April 5, 2011 by C J Spear

To put the following rant into context, I need to explain why Uldum was the zone I was most looking forward to in Cata, by a very wide margin. Back in the day, when I was still a total noob and I was questing on my baby hunter, I came across an epicly cool questline that started in the final room in Uldaman. If you never did it, it was basically you investigating a bunch of stuff about the titans and where we might be able to find out about them, and this finally led to Uldum. The entrance to Uldum was in Tanaris, and you walked up to this huge gate guarded by elite giants you had to carefully avoid in order to talk to a titan-looking doorman.

And he told you about this titan-laboratory full of awesome secrets, but that you couldn’t get access to it without some more titan discs, and the questline ended with a cliffhanger (and a nice shiny blue item, of course). What exactly was going to be in Uldum, I had no idea, but I really wanted to find out, and I had several alts do the questline because of how cool I thought it was, and I just couldn’t wait to see what was through those huge double doors. As you can imagine, when Uldum was announced in Cata, I was pretty damn excited. So what went wrong?

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