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Improvements for Archaeology

Posted in Gaming on June 6, 2011 by C J Spear

So I’ve been doing a lot of archaeology recently, and while the profession isn’t terrible I think a lot could be done to improve it. Mainly, there are certain key problems with it which I’ve made into a list, and I’ve outlined some ideas I had to fix them. Warning: wall of text incoming.


  • Most of the players time is spent flying from site to site, not actually digging
  • You can’t just stick to digging for one race
  • RNG makes finding rare items you want incredibly time consuming
  • Going back and forth across one dig site is annoying, especially for big dig sites
  • Creating an item is uneventful – you just click a button and watch a bar even for cool rare items
  • Apart from rare items, theirs nothing to do with an item once its made. Vendoring them seems odd.
  • Creating one item from multiple dig sites that span continents makes no sense. How can half a Night Elf item be in Silithus and the other half in Dragonblight?

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