Improvements for Archaeology

So I’ve been doing a lot of archaeology recently, and while the profession isn’t terrible I think a lot could be done to improve it. Mainly, there are certain key problems with it which I’ve made into a list, and I’ve outlined some ideas I had to fix them. Warning: wall of text incoming.


  • Most of the players time is spent flying from site to site, not actually digging
  • You can’t just stick to digging for one race
  • RNG makes finding rare items you want incredibly time consuming
  • Going back and forth across one dig site is annoying, especially for big dig sites
  • Creating an item is uneventful – you just click a button and watch a bar even for cool rare items
  • Apart from rare items, theirs nothing to do with an item once its made. Vendoring them seems odd.
  • Creating one item from multiple dig sites that span continents makes no sense. How can half a Night Elf item be in Silithus and the other half in Dragonblight?


Rather than 4 random dig sites on each continent of any race, there should be a set amount of dig sites for each race on each continent that show up at any one time, for example on Kalimdor there will always be 2 Night Elf, 2 Fossil, 2 Tol’vir etc. Which 2 sites are up changes in the same way they do now, but there will always be a set amount for each race.

Instead of having an item appear in your book once you’ve made another one, and collecting them over a few different sites, each site should have one item. For example, you fly into a Troll dig site. You dig once and your book shows you which item you’ve started building towards. You have to dig so many times at that site to gain enough fragments (the rarer the item, the more fragments, so the more digging required) and once you’ve made the item that dig site disappears and another appears. You then fly to the next dig site to start the next item.

Rather than each fragment being a set point on the map that you have to fly over to, and then the next one after that being another random set point, when u land in a dig site, you should automatically be pointed to the nearest fragment. Once you’ve picked it up, you’re then directed to the next closest (but never the same one twice). This would remove the irritation of going back and forth again and again in one dig site (I’m looking at you, dig site in Un Goro). To counter the speed increase of this, you could make it so that sometimes when you find a fragment, it doesn’t actually give you anything.

Instead of just having common and rare items, you could also have uncommon (or something else less stolen from Pokemon) items. Rather than vendor common items as you do now, you could hand them into an NPC who would give you tokens for them. Rares could stay as they are now – items you just keep, but uncommon and common items could give you tokens which you could then spend on cool items like non-combat pets, mounts, other cool ‘artifacts’ that have been found by your faction, Explorers League/Reliquary tabards etc. Uncommon items would be worth more tokens than commons. There could be an item that gives you 100 gold or something similar, so that people that have bought all other items they want can keep collecting tokens for a reward, but rather than getting money from a vendor, the items still go to your faction.

When you create an uncommon or rare item, rather than just gaining it, there could be an option in the book that says you have to do something else to get the item. My idea was that for uncommon items, you had to arrange the pieces in the book in a sort of jigsaw puzzle type mini-game, and that for rare items, the book tells you that one last piece is needed, and a mini-boss is summoned that you have to defeat to collect the last piece of the item. The bosses could have a debuff that means that attacks deal damage in percentages, and have different tactics depending on the race, so that even low levels can still defeat them, and high levels can’t just kill them without effort. For example, a troll site could spawn a troll berserker who you have to kite when enraged, but who gets exhausted after a time so you can attack.

I think these ideas would keep the essence of the profession intact, but make it much more bearable and much more fun. Players could focus on the races they want an item for, or just keep going to whatever dig site is closest if they’re levelling or just want tokens. I’m writing this just to put down my ideas for others to see, so let me know which ideas are good but which suck/couldn’t be implemented or how some could work better.


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