Fury’s Valor Point Pick Order and Other Ramblings

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and while normally I’d blame other activities keeping me busy, recently all I’ve been doing is playing a ton of WoW. Patch 4.2 hit, and it was nice to finally have some end game solo content again. What with new boss strats to learn, dailies to keep up with, Zandalari heroics to spam and new BiS lists to work out, there hasn’t been a lot of time for anything else.

Now I know what you’re going to say – but Kallix, we have to do all of that as well, but we have real lives to contend with! Well luckily for you, I’ve decided to take one task away from the never-ending 4.2 list, and sorted out (after changing my mind several times) what order you should be buying your shiny new valor point gear. Follow after the cut for my priority list for valor gear for fury, and if you’re lucky, I’ll even throw in some explanation as to why. I know, I’m such a nice guy.

So lets get on with it, here’s my priority list for gear from valor:

  1. Tier Chest
  2. Tier Gloves
  3. Thrown
  4. Tier Legs
  5. Ring
  6. Bracers
  7. Neck

Now for some reasons as to why. Firstly, it may seem tempting to go for the cheaper pieces before the more expensive so that you get upgrades faster, but if you do this you’ll end up spending more points in the long run (assuming you raid). Remember that from the first 4 bosses in Firelands you can get a ring, bracers and a neck, all of which are better than the valor point alternatives. Buy them last because you may end up getting loot from the bosses first, and you’ll save yourself a bunch of points (which if you’re like me, will mean you can start upgrading your tank gear faster). The ring is first because you can use it AND the one from Alysrazor while you wait to get exalted, and the neck is last because Shannox is an easy boss and the neck he drops is perfectly itemised.

Well thats all fair and logical, but why the order of the top 4? To start with, the Tier Chest is the best itemised of all 5 tier pieces. With crit and hit, it will be a solid upgrade for whatever chest you happen to be wearing. What’s more, there’s no chance of it dropping in BH, so for the first few weeks you can rest assured that you won’t end up picking up something in BH 2 hours and 5 minutes after you already bought it. After this, I used the following logic – the 2 set bonus will mean that another tier piece will be the biggest upgrade, I’m not likely to get a tier token for my shoulders anytime soon (even in a high progression guild you have to factor drop chance and competition), and the cheaper the item, the faster that I can upgrade. All of this led me to choose the gloves second, to get me my 2 set bonus faster than saving up for the legs, then the thrown, because its nice and cheap, I won’t be replacing it this tier and its still a solid upgrade, and then lastly the legs, as they’re BiS and won’t be replaced like the following four items on the list.

Obviously, certain raid drops may make me change slightly. If by chance I come across the tier shoulders before I’ve bought my thrown, I’ll buy the legs first to get my four set bonus. Also, Lord Rhyolith drops solid gloves, so if I happen to get those before buying my tier gloves, it may force me to pick legs over gloves for my 2-set bonus. All very confusing, but thats why I put the list first – so you can just do and not think while nerds like me work it out for all you. It’s a service I’m happy to provide.

But wait, don’t think I’m done giving you super advice yet. After valor points, there are other gear slots to fill! When it comes to a helm, there’s really only one choice this tier and its the helm from Alysrazor. If you down Rag before it happens to drop, be a gentleman and don’t roll on the tier head token (well, as gentle as a duel-wielding behemouth can be, anyway), because the tier helm is just bad and warriors wearing it will make kittens cry.

As for trinkets, you may already be aware that our best in slot is the trinket that drops from trash alongside the one from Ragnaros. One of these is considerably easier to obtain than the other, and so for a while we have to consider what our second trinket will be. First off, there’s the ilvl 365 trinket from the Molten Front dailies. This may look appealing to begin with, but compare it to the ilvl 359 alchemy trinket and you’ll see that it actually has less Strength. Considering that Heart of Rage, License to Slay and Fury of Angerforge were all deemed superior to the Alchemy trinket, I figure its safe to say you should just not bother with it unless you got really unlucky with trinkets last tier.

The second trinket choice is the one available from the Avengers of Hyjal at revered. Getting to revered will admittedly take some time, but I’m betting for a lot of people that time will come long before the RNG gods see fit for Rag to drop enough trinkets for their melee team, so its certainly an option. Should you use it? Short answer… probably. The on-use is excellent (it gives more strength than a Golemblood potion for 10 seconds on a 1 minute cooldown, so you get several opportunities to use it and pull aggro.. er I mean, increase your DPS) but then it has mastery, which is still a pretty ‘meh’ stat for us. That said, it has a shedload of mastery, and after its been looked at by the reforging fairy it will have a shedload of crit, which is always nice. I figure I’ll probably end up using it as a filler until Rag acts nicely.

And just before I let you escape, we have weapons to discuss. Now, for SMF, you have life laughably easy this tier – get 2 of the axes from trash > use them to DPS > ??? > profit. Unfortunately for us TG lovers, lifes less simple. Our choices are the axe from Shannox with a 3.6 speed and haste and mastery (the worse itemisation possible), the sword that has a chance of dropping from all bosses with a 3.6 speed and crit and haste (better) and then the mace from Rag with a 3.8 speed and crit and mastery (and its this, not the fact that its FREAKIN SULFURAS, that makes it best). Of course, duel-wielding rags maces is our BiS, but thats gonna take some time, so we have to work out what to do until then. Firstly, I have no idea how rare the multi-boss drops are, and if they have a very low chance drop rate, you can basically just ignore it and move on. If, however, they drop at a reasonable rate, the sword is a solid stand-by until you can get the mace, and thanks to the crit is certainly better than old tier weapons.

The axe, however, gives me trouble. The thing is, because it’s a higher item level it has more raw damage and more strength, meaning it should be better than any previous tier weapon. But with haste and mastery on, I really don’t want to replace my Zin’Rokh with it. Replacing the two best stats with the two worst stats makes Kallix a sad warrior. Whether or not you’ll actually want to duel-wield this is debatable, but chances are that even with bad secondary stats and a slower swing speed it will produce more DPS than Ashkandi or the Destroyer of Worlds. Ashkandi heroic, of course, won’t be replaced until Sulfuras. As for those of us without shiny green heroic gear, I suppose we’ll just have to grin and bear it… I know I’m hoping only one will have dropped before I can get the mace off of Rag.

Right thats it for now, I’m done typing for tonight and I know you’re all done reading. Until my next post, enjoy Firelands, and remember to look out for the sweetest reward of all – a fun-filled raid night.

…just kidding, its the fiery raven lord mount that drops from Alysrazor. That thing is sweeeeeeeet.


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