Another Reason to Hate Facebook

At some point soon I’m gonna write a bunch of articles on what was wrong with the prequel trilogy of Star Wars, and say how I would have changed them so that the story flowed better, they made more sense and they were more entertaining. However, I’ve been a bit Star Wars heavy the past couple days so I’ll save that talk for another time and instead spend today ranting about Facebook – because why not?

Now, its no secret that I’m not really a fan of social media. This may be because I’m not a particularly social person, or because I generally just hate people, but lately I’ve come to enjoy twitter and I will actually check my facebook every once and while. That said, while I have come to find certain things I like about social media (mostly through twitter, and being able to follow people that I don’t know in person) my main gripe about it still exists, and I’ve come to discover other things that really irritate me.

Let’s just get straight to it then – why the hell do people ‘like’ businesses, companies and products on facebook, or follow them on twitter? I mean, by doing it you simply add a list of adverts to your timeline that you have to sift through to get to the comments and tweets you actually want to read – it’s essentially like being given a TV and choosing to have adverts when you could just watch whatever you want with no breaks or marketing being thrown at you. And yet, every time I see a product or company on the side of my facebook page (yes, they pay to appear there, because they know people are stupid enough to click like) they always have hundreds of thousands of likes.

I’m not blaiming the businesses for this by the way – its a good, cheap way to advertise and it can help small companies grow because people can choose to like them and show their support. If, however, you follow/like a large company, you are a moron. Let’s take, for example, Nestlé. On facebook, Nestlé has 476,000 likes. Oh, you like Nestlé do you? What exactly is it you like about them – is it their immoral and dodgy business practises? Their abuse of the enviroment for profit? Or, are you a sheep that doesn’t realise that companies are abusing your stupidity to get in your head and make you buy more of their stuff? I’m no psychologist, but I fear it may be the latter.

Oh, and before anyone even thinks it, just shh. ‘But Kallix, following/liking the companies means I get exclusive info about offers and competitions!’ No, you don’t. That’s what every company says their feed is for, but none of them actually give away anything. At best, you might hear about competitions that are made simply to promote their latest product, so at best you win some of their stuff (which is a chance for them to get you to try things and then buy more) or much more likely you won’t even win anything and you’ve just spent 5 minutes thinking about a product, so its now in your head and you will most likely buy it later. All of this may sound like conspirative nonsense, but trust me – these companies pay people six-figure salaries to work on these kind of things. They ARE making money off of you through social networking.

I suppose I shouldn’t get that worked up over this – I mean, people have always been and will always be idiots. However, I thought it worth pointing out, because no-one else seems to have noticed that they’re choosing to have adverts thrown at them. Social networing is a multi-billion dollar industry for a reason. If you want to use it, next time put some thought into what you do on it, because it won’t be long before companies begin to pay facebook and twitter directly to have their messages appear on your feed/timeline. Make the most of a relatively free service while you still can.

This is just one of the things I’ve noticed about social netowrking that irritate me, I’m sure I’ll get round to writing about other soon enough. Thanks everyone for reading – remember, if you want to get updates about my posts, you can subscribe by clicking on the link to your right or you can follow me on twitter (because I’m not trying to sell you stuff) @heroicrant.

/end rant


3 Responses to “Another Reason to Hate Facebook”

  1. As a population yes we are pretty idiotic, but as individuals some of us arn’t so bad!

    I hadn’t though about the adverts I get by “likeing” companies as T.V adverts, thats so true!

  2. Big Brother Says:

    Haha, how much did Nestlé pay you to make them your company of choice in this rant?

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