April Fools Day

Right, so I was gonna finish my movie list post today, but I’ve postponed that until tomorrow because I felt like I needed to vent a little after today. Now, I know that when it’s April Fools Day, you pretty much have to ignore everything written on the internet and generally be cautious of anything anyone tells you, but what I didn’t expect was to get trolled by fate today.

So, my girlfriend comes round to stay for a couple days, and we decide to go out for dinner – only wetherspoons, I’m not made of money. Anyway, after changing my main course because they’d run out of burgers (which I thought was odd, because like half their menu is dedicated to their burgers), I had a nice beef roast and Portia had some mushroomy pasta thing. All good so far.

We then spend about 15 minutes on deciding what dessert to have. I’m quite fond of waffles, and spoons does a particularly nice one with chocolate sauce and ice cream. However, they’d changed their menu so that chocolate sauce wasn’t a topping option, and added an ice cream sundae that Portia really wanted (but of course she didn’t want to get one of her own, she wanted me to get one so that she could eat most of it – women, am I right?*), and so we took a while to decide what to get. Eventually, we decided on getting a sundae, but when we went to order, it turned out they didn’t have any ice cream. No burgers or ice cream? A little irritating, but we persevered – waffle it is. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any waffles, or anything else at all that sounded nice enough to order on the menu.

So, rejected, we left spoons and started to walk home. The idea came to us, however, that both KFC and McDonalds were both on the way home. As we walked, I decided on whether to get a McFlurry or a Krushem – both are nice but I wasn’t really sure what I wanted. Eventually, I thought a Krushem would be better, so we walked past McDonalds and went into KFC. Once inside, and after a couple of minutes of waiting, I found out they didn’t have any Krushems. Now I was starting to get a little irritated. I could have taken it as a hint that I wasn’t supposed to have a dessert, but I wanted ice cream, and dammit I was gonna get some. So, we went out and back to McDonalds, Portia giggling at my misfortune the whole way, and then stood in a queue for about 10-15 minutes to get my McFlurry.

They were out of ice cream.

How the fuck does McDonalds run out of ice cream? It’s fucking powder they pour into a machine. When has McDonalds ever run out of ice cream before? Never, thats when. I was actually thinking that the people at the counter in both KFC and McDonalds were trolling me.

So, I had to walk home, without any ice cream, and with Portia laughing at me pretty much non-stop. I never got my ice cream – I had to settle for a cookie. It was nice enough, but it wasn’t ice cream.

In conclusion, fuck april fools day.

/end rant

*I want to point out that this statement is ironic, because I don’t think irony is conveyed well across the internet. If you got that it was by yourself, well done.


One Response to “April Fools Day”

  1. I’m still laughing now XD

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