Top 10 films in 2012 (Part 2)

Apologies for the intermission yesterday – I felt it necessary to rant about my day, and I figured it was probably funny for anyone else reading it. With that done though, today I’ll be finishing my list of top 10 films to see in 2012. Most of these are probably pretty obvious, especially if you know me, but who knows, maybe I’ll mention a film that a few people hadn’t heard about or weren’t excited about.

5. The Amazing Spiderman

When I first heard they were remaking Spiderman, I think I wasn’t alone in thinking ‘but the other films are less than 10 years old… the fuck?’ It does still seem a bit odd that they’re rebooting it with another origin story, because say what you want about the spiderman films, especially the third one, but the first did the spiderman origins pretty well. Again, I’m not a comic book geek by any measure, but the film was fun and made sense. However, once I saw a trailer for this film, I have to admit it looked pretty good. Its thematically quite different to the last 3 films, and the new guy in it looks OK. After thinking about it, I’d rather have this than no awesome spider man films at all, so I’m happy to give it a chance.

4. The Hobbit

I’m not a huge Lord of the Rings fanboy by any means, but I did really enjoy the films, admittedly more so when rewatching them – I think they’re a little too slow moving to enjoy when your younger, even though the fantasy setting would make it seem its aimed at teenagers. Being a nerd as an adult helps, me think. Anyway, I know very little about this new film, other than it’s in two parts and its directed by Peter Jackson, but that’s enough for me to be excited about it. Even if its not as good as the trilogy, it should still be a good watch. Oh, and also, Martin Freeman is the lead, who’s awesome in the office and Sherlock, so that should make it pretty good too.

3. Men In Black III

I heard a lot of criticism about Men in Black 2, but I actually much preferred it to the first. Whether the 3rd is more like the 1st or 2nd, I really enjoy the premise of the films and I’m a big Will Smith fan. The guy’s just cool. Apparently this film is all about time travel, which will undoubtedly put some people off of it, but I like the whole timey wimey thing, so it won’t bother me. I can’t really explain more about why I’m looking forward to it, but its place in 3rd on this list should show that I’m pretty hyped for this film – I bet it’ll be panned by critics but I’ll really enjoy it.

2. Skyfall

New bond film. Need I say more?

Oh, alright then, if you insist. I’m a huge bond fan, and while Quantum of Solace wasn’t anything too spectacular, I absolutely adored Casino Royale, so I have no problem seeing Daniel Craig as Bond again. Very little has been released about the plot, other than its a standalone film in the sense that it won’t be following on from Quantum in the same way that Quantum followed Casino. That’s a plus, because the over-arching story between those two stories wasn’t anything that amazing. Of course, there’s no more Fleming novels to base the films on anymore, but thats ok as long as they’ve got some decent ideas for what to do, and it can be done – Goldeneye was a completely original story, and looked what happened there (hint: best bond film ever). Mostly though? I’m just really excited about seeing a new Bond film. MGM had a lot of money issues, so I was a little worried about the franchise, but it looks like we’ll be good for a few years more.

1. The Avengers

It was a toss up on what to put at first and second on this list, but I’ve been considerably excited for this film for some time. If you’ve been paying attention to the past few marvel films, they’ve been building to this with cameos and teasers at the end of their films for ages, and it’s gonna be really cool just to see what they’ve been building to for years. Of course, that does come with the added downside that there are very high expectations for this film that aren’t going to go away, and that can often lead to me feeling a little underwhelmed (happened to me with a lot of the Harry Potter films, for example).

I’m cautiously optimistic though. Robert Downey Jr. is a brilliant actor and perfect as Iron Man, so just seeing another Iron Man film with other superheros in it is gonna be fun enough. I also really enjoyed Thor and Captain America, but the films are quite tonally different, so it’s gonna be very interesting to see how they meld it into one film. I do have the added advantage of not being a comic nerd in this case, as it won’t bother me if they change any of the canon – they can do what they want as long as it’s a good film.

Also, Scarlett Johansson in lycra. Can’t really go wrong.

Thanks for reading everyone, until next time. Generic advertisement – subscribe, follow on twitter @heroicrant etc.

/end rant


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