Miscellaneous Rants

A lot of things get on my nerves, whether they be big things or more minor things that other people don’t really notice. Most of these things warrant a post to themselves, however there are a few things that I don’t really have much to say about, and yet I feel deserve to be acknowledged. Hence todays post – miscellaneous rants. A list of things that, in no particular order, will point out annoyances and issues I’ve noticed in every day life. I can’t promise you’ll agree with them all, but at the very least you should be able to deride some pleasure from my irritation.

1. Why does everyone accept the fact that coco pops make the milk go chocolatey a good thing? It’s not a good thing. Firstly, normal milk tastes better than chocolate milk – in general, and in relation to cereal. If this wasn’t the case, then everyone would buy chocolate milk to put on cereal. Secondly, where do you think the chocolate comes from? For the milk to turn chocolate, the cereal loses most of its flavour, so that after a minute or two you’re eating flavourless rice puffs in milk that tastes vaguely of chocolate. I don’t care if everyone disagrees with me on this – coco pops taste better when you’ve just put the milk in and slowly get worse as the flavour is lost in the milk, and the whole ‘they turn the milk chocolatey’ deal is just a marketing ploy to cover up the fact that they’re cereal doesn’t retain its flavour for very long.

2. Why do button fly’s on jeans/trousers even exist? They hold absolutely no advantages over zips. They take longer to do up, they hold no fashion value as no one ever sees them, they make going to the toilet without having to undo the top button (and therefore belt, if you’re wearing one) virtually impossible, and yet it’s damn near impossible to find cheap jeans with zips. Buttons may be ever so slightly cheaper than zips, but I can’t imagine its by much, and I just wonder why everyone just seemed to accept it when button fly’s were invented. Why didn’t everyone just see that button fly’s were pointless when you can have a zip, and refuse to wear them? It’s like if they invented socks with random holes in – no-one sees them, it makes the socks worse, and yet its cheaper to make, but no-one would buy them. So why did anyone ever buy jeans with a button fly?

3. Can we just get rid of pennies? They’re worth so very little, to the point where even if you save up tons of them, you still have basically no money from them, and yet they’re still almost as big as coins that are worth a lot more, so they just take up space in pockets/wallets. I know why everything is priced at 99p or 1.99 or whatever, but can everyone just agree that if anything costs 99p we just pay the whole pound and leave it at that?

4. This probably has an actual answer to it, but I’m gonna bitch about it anyway – why do nails continuously grow? We have them on our fingers and toes to protect them, and I get that, but most of the stuff on our body doesn’t grow once its the right size (like teeth or bone). Couldn’t they just be the right size for the finger, and then just mend themselves if they get broken, in the same way that skin heals itself? Think about it – if you damage your nail seriously, you have to wait for the weeks it takes to grow so that you cut off the broken nail, but if you damage your skin, it just grows back over a few days. Again, probably a legitmate medical answer to that, but I’m too lazy to google it.

And finally…

5. Who decided on the size of DVD cases? Music CD’s have cases that are just big enough to fit the disk, and yet DVD cases are bigger despite holding the same size disc. The same goes for game discs as well. Sure, for DVD’s they shove in leaflets and stuff, but they could easily be made smaller. I just don’t understand why it was decided that DVD’s should come in cases bigger than they need to be (and therefore cost more to produce) when there are no downsides to having the cases smaller. Were they worried that people would confuse DVD’s with CD’s? They could have easily gotten round that by just changing the look of the case, in the same way that Blu-ray packaging is different to DVD’s despite being roughly the same size. I’m not so much angry about this one as just perplexed, although it would be nice to be able to just fit all my DVD’s, games and CD’s on one rack.

Right, that’s all I can think of for now. I’ll be sure to do another post like this when I think up another bunch of inane issues. Thanks for reading, and remember to subscribe, follow me on twitter @heroicrant and leave a comment below.

/end rant


6 Responses to “Miscellaneous Rants”

  1. 5.) because then you know the difference dude.

    • Just make all the cases a block colour, like green, and keep the CD’s clear. It was always easy to tell the difference between a PS2 game and a DVD.

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  2. Xantipanti Says:

    Doent work if you’re blind 🙂

  3. I’m pretty sure nails are there for dexterity rather than protection, but I love your little rants ^^

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